Using Assignments:

Assignments allow you to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. In an assignment, you can include a description, point value, and file attachments. You can create assignments in several courses areas, such as in a Content Area or in a Learning Module, Lesson Plan, or Content Folder. Students access the assignment, type a submission, attach files, and submit it. You can respond to each student separately with comments and attached files.
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Adding an Assignment:

To add an Assignment to your Content Area, click “Build Content” in the left-hand corner of your course space then click, “Assignment”.

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Adding an Assignment

Printable Tutorial: Creating an Assignment

Inline Grading an Assignment:

A recent update to myCourses brought the ability to comment and annotate directly on documents submitted to Assignments.

To grade an assignment:
  1. Click "Grade Center" under the control panel of your course.
  2. Click "Needs Grading".
  3. Click on the assignment submission you wish to grade.
  4. If the student has submitted their assignment as a word document, rich text file, or PDF you can use the inline assignment grading features to comment on their document.

How to use inline assignment grading: