Content Areas

Content Areas are the organizational units intended to house your course content. The names of Content Areas typically correspond with weeks, chapters, or another unit of organization that instructors divide their course into. Content areas enable you to present various types of content in an organized and engaging way. You can include content such as text, file attachments, links to websites, tests, assignments, and multimedia.

Organization of a Content Area:

Once a Content Area has been created there are several types of content that can be added. The content added to these areas can be customized to suit the design needs of your course. The content area features listed below are considered essential components that contribute to a successful content area in your blended or fully online course site.
  • Overview/Objectives
  • Learning Modules/Content Folders
    • Files
    • Web Links
    • YouTube videos
  • Assignments
  • Tests

In the sample below, we can see that the instructor has created a "Week 1" content area on their course menu. The purpose of this setup is to house all content related to Week 1 of this course within one "Week 1" area. Within "Week 1" the instructor has also added information about the week, lecture materials, and activities. Content Areas should be considered the building blocks of your course site.

Sample Content Area w Menu.JPG

Adding Content to a Content Area

When it comes to adding specific types of content to your course there are several options. A list of the most popular types of content an instructor can add to their content area, as well as videos and .pdf help documents that explain how each can be added to a content area can be found in the table at the bottom of this page. See a sample of a new content area in need of content and instructional materials.

Sample Content Area Empty.JPG

For more information on how to optimally organize a content area or how to add content, click through the available help materials below.
Printable .pdf
Organization of a Content Area
Content Area Structuring

Full Overview
Adding Content to Content Areas
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Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint files or any other type of electronic file you need to deliver to your students.

Web Links
Links to websites such as the UMass Dartmouth Homepage, Google, or the New York Times.

YouTube Videos
YouTube is a massive global database containing every variety of video content.

NBC Learn Content
NBC Learn allows instructors to access a large database of NBC produced video content created over the past several decades.

Wimba Voice Authoring (Audio)
Simple in-browser audio recording tool that is built into myCourses.

A general piece of content where an instructor can add text that they would like to have appear on the content area page.

Blank Pages
The blank page tool allows you to include files, images, and text as a document in a course area. Students see the contents of blank pages only after clicking the on it.
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