February 2015 Updates

Built-in Assignment Plagiarism Checking

SafeAssign and the regular Assignment tool have been merged. When an instructor sets up or edits an assignment, they will now be able to choose from the new "Plagiarism Tools" options shown below.

Student View 2.0

The student view tool has been updated to provide instructors with the option to erase the data and submissions produced while viewing their course in student view. The process of entering and exiting student view has also been updated. The button to switch in and out of student view is in the same place, but it looks different. These changes can be seen in the graphic below.

Automatic Spell Check

In the past, users had to click the spell check button to check their text for spelling errors. This feature is now automatically enabled at all times. Spelling errors will automatically be underlined as they are typed.

Delegated Assignment Grading

Instructors can now delegate the grading of Assignment submissions to specific course instructors and teaching assistants. Grading can be broken up by predetermined groups of students, or by assigning random numbers of students. The options for delegated grading (as shown below) can be accessed in the settings of any assignment.

"Content Collection" becomes "Files"

The Content Collection of a course houses all files uploaded to content areas. This area has not changed, but has been renamed to "Files."