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The Claire T. Carney Library and CITS Instructional Development have recently collaborated to create reusable online tutorials that can be used within your myCourses site(s) along with self assessments that can optionally be recorded via the grade book tool. You can link to the tutorials at the Claire T Carney Library website at, or you can insert the tutorials directly into your myCourses site. All UMass Dartmouth myCourses faculty have access to this information via the myCourses faculty Resources and Collaboration site.

Available Tutorials (click to view)
Popular Magazines and Scholarly Journals
Primary and Secondary Sources:
Recognizing the Difference
Reading Citattions in an Online Database
Using Boolean Terms: AND, OR, NOT
Evaluation Internet Resources
What is Plagiarism?
Citing Sources Why and When
Instructions: Adding Tutorials to myCourses site(s)
If you would like to add any of these tutorials and/or their associated self-assessments to your course site, you can simply add them using the Add File feature and select the file from the Repository area.

Please see the following documentation for instructions:

Available Self Assessments (click to view)
Self Assessment - Popular Magazines and Scholarly Journals
Self Assessment - Primary and Secondary Sources: Recognizing the Difference
Self Assessment - Reading Citations in an Online Database
Self Assessment - Truncations
Self Assessment - Using Boolean Terms: AND, OR, NOT
Self Assessment - Citing Sources Why and When
With one of the recent updates of the Blackboard Vista system, the SCORM based assessments were broken and we have been unable to correct the issue. This only effects the library instruction self-assessments when they are imported as gradable assessments in myCourses. The self assessment grades will not transfer correctly into your grade book.

Please feel free to continue to import and use both the tutorials and self-assessments in your course, however, do NOT import the self assessments as "gradable" assessments.

AGAIN, this is only an issue with gradable self-assessments.

If you need additional assistance with adding these tutorials to your course site, please contact the ID team at or 508-999-8501.

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