Mashups (Multimedia)

Pulling Multimedia into myCourses

You can use Mashups to easily create multimedia content or integrate multimedia content that resides on an external website. For example, you can encourage discussion about a classic play by creating a Mashup that links to a YouTube video of a scene from the play and a link to a newspaper review of that production.

See a sample of the Mashup options available via the Build Content tab in a Content Area and the Text Editor below.

Sample Mashups list Content Area.PNG
Build Content Tab Mashup Listing

Sample of Mashups list Text Editor.PNG
Text Editor Mashup Listing

For more information on how to adding Mashups, click through the available help materials below.
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Overview of Mashups
Adding Mashups

Record and Embed Audio into a Content Area
Embedding Audio with Voice Authoring (Content Areas)
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Embedding Images Inline with Text
Adding Image with Text Editor

Record and Embed Video Inline with Text
Embed Video Using Video Anywhere
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Record and Embed Audio Inline with Text
Embedding Audio with Voice Authoring (Text Editor)

Embed NBC Learn Content
Embedding NBC Learn Content to a Content Area

Unblock Java Content in Firefox
This can help if the Voice Author tool does not load.